I'm a 17 year old student living in London, who blogs, breathes, takes photos, plays absurd amounts of video games and occasionally goes to school. I do some other things too, such as work backstage on plays, and I design some things, including posters & magazines. Seeking work experience in journalism/design.

I've been blogging since Summer 2009, and you can view my blog at direthoughts.com. It's where I share my probably deluded thoughts about a variety of things, or express what creative talent I have. Sometimes I have a good rant about life, though.

Things What Done

I've done a lot of things, and a lot of procrastination too, I guess, but this is a neatly categorised list of things. I have a list of references here.


  1. Work Experience at the Cornish Guardian, West Briton and Cornishman - August 2013. Several articles written and published, possibly available on request.
  2. Work Experience once more at the Cornish Guardian in January 2014
In addition, many posters for random events @ SPS, using PS & Gimp.

Theatre Technical @ SPS

I've been lucky enough to be part of the Theatre Technical team at my school, and I've mostly done sound, using QLab. QLab is able to do both sound & projection, so that's fairly useful. I tend to edit sound and build soundscapes using Audacity, and draw sounds from freesound.org as well as archive.org and Youtube.

  1. The Canterbury Tales - Summer 2011 - Stagehand
  2. Billy Budd - Autumn 2011 - Sound Design & Operation
  3. Romeo & Juliet - Winter 2011 - Stagehand
  4. A Man for All Seasons - Spring 2012 - Sound Operation
  5. Laid in Earth {@SPS} - Spring 2012 - "Camera B"
  6. The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui - Summer 2012 - Sound Design & Operation, Projection Operation
  7. Laid in Earth {@Lyric Hammersmith} - Summer 2012 - "Camera B" {this was part of "Standing in the Light"}
  8. The Long, The Short & The Tall - Autumn 2012 - Sound Design & Operation
  9. The Tempest - Winter 2012 - Set Photography
  10. TEDxSPS - Spring 2013 - Sound Operation
  11. Cabaret - Spring 2013 - Assistant Sound
  12. Julius Caesar - Winter 2013 - Sound Design & Operation
  13. What the Butler Saw - Spring 2014 - Sound Design & Operation
  14. Cafe Theatre - Autumn 2014 - Sound, Projection Design & Operation
  15. Locusts of Mars - Autumn 2014 - Projection Design
  16. Samuel Pepys Theatre Gala Opening - Autumn 2014 - Sound, Projection Design & Operation
  17. The Madness of George III - Winter 2014 - Sound, Projection Design & Operation
  18. Dr Horrible's Blog - Spring 2015 - Sound Design & Operation
  19. City of Angels - Spring 2015 - Assistant Sound


  1. Laid in Earth Timelapse
  2. Richmond Timelapse & Panorama
  3. 3D Printer Timelapse for Engineering Department @ SPS
  4. Perception with Alex Forey. Available now!
  5. The Tempest @ SPS


I got a Canon EOS 600D in February 2012, after a fair bit of saving up, and donations from Roo Reynolds and Nic Weninger.In return, I am going to be publishing 52 CC photos under a license of my choosing - theoretically one per week, but I have limitations with my time sadly. I have the 18-55mm EF-S f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, and the 'nifty fifty' - 50mm EF f/1.8, and I'm looking forward to doing lots of other things with it - I take it most of the time with me if I'm meeting up with friends.

You can view my photos on my Flickr as well as on the special tumblr.

Photographed a wedding in Winter 2012.


  1. I did naughty things to iPads & Apple TVs in an apple store.
  2. Work Experience at Maitland - July 2013. Wrote a short paper on the technology teens & young adults use and delivered a presentation.
  3. Office work @ Waterfront Solicitors - August 2013. General work.
  4. Internship at White Fox - July 2014.
  5. Internship at Which? - July 2014.
  6. Designed Zenly.co.uk - August 2014 (available at direthoughts.com/zenly)

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