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This is my blog, where I write every so often about things that interest me or otherwise. Some of my fine creative prose that I write for school can probably also be found here. I also have a tumblr

Kit - What I Use

I own quite a few nice things, including a Canon EOS 600D with the kit 18-55mm lens currently, and it is carried around in a little camera backpack I got in Jessops - I use it for making my films and taking photographs. You can see some of the photos on my flickr, or here on the portfolio page. I'm hoping on getting a "nifty fifty", or 50mm f/1.8

My computer is getting on a bit, but it holds up and I'm looking forward to upgrading it sometime soon.

I have an Asus EEE 1015CX that I use for school; you can read the blog post for more.

What have I done?

I am interested in multiple things, including Photography, Graphic, Poster, and Web Design, and Cinematography. I am currently working with Alex Forey, Amos Jackson and others. on a short film adaptation of Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, named 'Fratricide'. This project has been delayed temporarily; but we are instead finishing off a different film, called Perception (coming soon. Hopefully Nov 2012.)

I enjoy running around theatres wearing black, a sign of a techie; I have operated and design sound for 2 productions; Billy Budd and A Man For all Seasons, and I have been a stagehand for multiple productions. I have also operated a camera as part of the live production for a new play, Laid in Earth.

I publish one photo or video every week, under a CC BY-NC-SA license, as part of repayment to Roo Reynolds and Nicolas Weninger as they contributed towards it.

I am actively seeking small jobs; design, filming etc - so please email me. I am also interested in internships at cool places!

I also make fairly decent posters, some of which can be found just below this.


This website wouldn't look and function as nicely without the help of multiple things and people. Thanks to the people who founded The League of Moveable Type, where this has some fonts from. A huge thanks to the marvellous sysadmin of this server, Eirik, who has provided me with free support and most importantly, server space, since ever. The gracious people behind Sublime Text 2 and Kate are awesome. The members of the Fortress of Solitude, who I discuss random things with all the time, and adopt code from, as well as shouting at them about cats deserve thanks. Thanks also to the multiple people I have met, talking to about web design and stuff, such as David Smith and Anna Debenham.

This website is typeset in 3 fonts; Raleway, which provides the main titles, Ostrich Sans, which is the menu, and finally Quattrocento Sans, which is the main body of text. Typography is something that is very hard to master, and ensure it all looks good. Typographers such as Edward Johnston and Eric Gill need to be known more for their awesome work, without which the world would look a lot more dull.

Finally, I assume you'll want to know, if you've read this far, how this website works. At the moment, there is simply the index.html file, which provides the content and also has the JQuery script built into it. The content is styled using main.css, which controls everything and also has the parts that allow for the custom scrollbars {using webkit}, and that references fonts from fonts.css, which uses @font-face to allow this website to look so pretty.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

This means that you can use any of the code behind this, as long as you license it under the BY-NC-SA license and accredit Henry Dyer.

Documentation on Henry 3.1

Hello! This is my website, and I guess you could say my dark domain of evildoing. My name is, as you should see, Henry Dyer. I live in London, I'm 15, I prefer braces or square brackets to round brackets, generally, and I am a fan of typography. This site was handcoded by myself, using Kate, Sublime Text 2 and Notepad++, taking inspiration from some sites and adopting and changing code from others. I depend at school on my USB stick of portable apps, allowing me to work with my configurations on the programs I use. It'd be nice if this would automatically happen, but alas; it does to an extent with Google Chrome; but these issues aren't as bad now that I have an Eee! You can read about this website specifically here

You can see here whatever work I have done, as well as some talk about whatever it is I am doing, and what and who it's with.

If you'd like to contact me for whatever reason, I can be found on twitter at @direthoughts or emailed at hqled.d@gmail.com.